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Electronic mail, the concept may be a medium through which you'll exchange ideas, important information, memories on just one click. regardless of how far is your audience, you'll reach them with just no additional amount to be paid. it's a channel put to use globally. Electronic mails might be possible due to the evolution of electronic media which came after the economic Revolution of the ’90s which heralded the utilization of electronic media as electricity and telegraph services. The platform for the functioning of the electronic mails, the web originated within the 1950s with the event of electrical computers. The very concept of the web began as a project by the US military to fund a search network, ARPANET within the year 1969 with just a couple of computer scientists performing on it. From then on, the concept of the web has spread globally with users flowing to the billions of users. In the present writeup, we'll be dealing intimately with the  Mail.Aol.Com